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Schlumberger respects your privacy, and will not share your personal data without your consent. More information available in our Privacy Statement. If you would like to be removed from our registration system, please contact Registration Assistance.

  1. I can't access premium content.
    Premium content is provided free of charge to our customers, partners, and research and academic institutions, based on their registration e-mail addresses. If you do not have a recognized e-mail address and would like access to premium content, please contact your Schlumberger Representative to request access.

  2. I didn't receive my registration confirmation e-mail. 
    If you do not receive the message, please check your spam folder, and add to your list of approved e-mail addresses. If you still do not receive your confirmation e-mail, please contact Registration Assistance.

  3. I forgot my password.
    You may request a new password.

  4. I have a new e-mail address.
    You can change your e-mail address on your My Account page after you have signed in with your old e-mail address.

  5. What is my user ID?
    Your user ID is your e-mail address.

  6. Can I register with a Chinese, Russian or Arabic E-mail address? 
    No. Only e-mail addresses with Latin characters (for example, English) can be used to register.

  7. Is there a way to log in permanently to premium content?
    You will remain logged in if your browser is configured to store cookies from For help configuring your browser to accept cookies, visit